Process of Voter ID verification in India


Voter ID card is important document. Here you will know verification process of Voter card. In addition you must know other points. And these are as follows. First you use Election card to vote. Second you use Voter ID card as address proof. Finally you use Voter card as proof of identity. However you must first apply for Voter ID card online offline.

Steps before verification of Voter ID card

To apply for Voter ID card is easy. Because you can go to official website. Moreover you can go to state Chief Electoral Officer site. You can click on following link to go to official website. In addition the official link is

After you go to website you can collect Voter application forms. On other hand you may go to Electoral office. As here also you get application forms of Voter ID card. Besides you must fill necessary form. But you should remember there are many Voter forms. Advertisement:

However you should select only one form. And this depends on reason of application. For example you can change address in Voter ID card. Then you will fill address change application form. Apart from this you get these forms easily. You can get them offline or online.

Finally you should submit necessary documents. You can even check list of documents required for Voter ID card. Because they help you with application process.

What is Voter ID verification process in India?

There is simple step for Voter ID verification in India. Moreover you can keep reading. As you will come to know about it here –

Government official website

First you should go to official website of Indian Government. And it is Additionally you find all details on Voter ID card application process. Even you have idea of list of documents required for Voter ID card. Therefore it helps you with complete process.

Be careful when you fill form

You must fill Form 6. Because this form is for fresh Voter ID card application. Thus you fill this form. Only when you apply for Election card first time. In addition you will submit necessary documents. When you apply Voter ID card online.

Then you will submit scanned copies of documents. Further you must scan and attach your photograph. Lastly you should remember that it is passport size photo of yours.

Submit application form and attached documents

In next step you submit scanned documents. In case you do offline Voter card application. Then you submit documents at Electoral office. Moreover it is better that you send documents personally.

Explain Voter ID process of verification

Before you submit documents. You should check them carefully. After that Electoral officer checks all details in documents. In addition Electoral officer comes to your colony or neighbourhood. They also verify address from neighbours.

Verification process depends on documents you submit. Moreover authorities check all your details. Because Voter ID card is important document. Therefore after checking details. You will get your Voter card. However you must wait for some time. Because it takes time to check details.

On other hand you can track status of your Voter ID card online. Additionally this helps you to know status of Voter ID card. Thus you know process of Voter ID verification in India.