General Election to Legislative Assembly of Himachal Pradesh 2017


General Elections to legislative Assembly of Himachal Pradesh have been announced on 12th October, 2017 and poll is scheduled to be held on 9th November. Share of screen or telecast time to National or State political parties are in the General Elections to Legislative Assemblies of the Himachal Pradesh 2017. Let us know about Himachal Pradesh Election 2017 date, Bye Elections in Himachal Pradesh etc

Himachal Pradesh Election 2017 date

Elections are schedule and will be held on 9 November 2017. All the 68 members of Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly will be elected, and the next person who is in the union will become the next Chief Minister.

List of Vacancies in Legislative Assembly of Himachal Pradesh 

Name of the state                                                                           Number and Name Assembly Constituency

Himachal Pradesh                                                                                                 36- Bhoranji (SC) AC Advertisement:

Election Commission of India

General elections to the Lok Sabah is in 1998, Political parties recognized by state funding of the state was announced in Televisions and Radio which can be introduced by the directions of commission.

Representation of people Act, 1951 where Election and other related laws of Act, 2003 and the rules are going to notify. Commission has decided to extend the scheme which is equitable on electronic media which ensures General Elections to the State Legislative Assembly of Himachal Pradesh 2017.

Bye Elections in Himachal Pradesh

Name of the event                                                                         Date of the event

Date for nominations                                                                                  16/10/2017(Monday)

Last date for filling nominations                                                              23/10/2017(Monday)

Date for Scrutiny of nominations                                                             24/10/2017(Tuesday)

Last date for withdrawal of candidates                                                   26/10/2017(Thursday)

Date of Poll                                                                                                    9/11/2017(Thursday)

Date of counting                                                                                          18/12/2017(Monday)

Date before election shall be completed                                                 20/12/2017(Wednesday)

Hours of poll                                                                                                 7.00 A.M. to 5.00 P.M

Identification of Voters

Commission decided Voter’s identification should be mandatory at the time of poll in the bye- elections. Photo Identity Cards is the main document which helps you as an identification of a voter. Separate instructions will be given to the documents which helps you in identification of voters at the time of poll

How to use Electronic Voting Machine (EVMs)

Election commission has decided to use EVMs in all polling stations in the bye-elections. Enough number of EVMs has been available and they have taken care for all the polling’s and with the help of machines they conducted polls very easily

Finally elections will decide future of the states which were going for bye-elections. You can know the links to official websites of CEOs.