How to Apply Voter ID card Online and offline In Andhra Pradesh


To get voter ID card you need to fill details of a person and submit to authority of Voter ID department. Election commission gives Voter ID card at the age of 18 years. This article helps you in applying voter ID card in Andhra Pradesh. So for further details follow this articles

Steps for Offline application for voter ID

  • Collect application form from Election commission office.
  • You have some election ID card related forms like Form 6, Form 7, and Form 8A.
  • To apply new Voter ID card take Form 6
  • Fill details and submit some of ID proofs like age, residence proof.
  • You can also enter details of family members who have Voter ID card
  • Attach documents to Electoral Registration Officer.
  • ERO verifies proofs

Steps to apply Voter Id card Online

For any queries government updated a toll free number 1950.

AP Voter ID card forms

Form 6:

Form 6 is for 1st time applicants or Online Application form click on

Form 6A:

Form 6A as Application for presence of name in assembly constituency electoral roll by a Foreign Elector. To get offline Application form click on Advertisement:


Form7 by a particular person who has already name in Electoral roll. If you want to delete name of a person then Form 7 helps you to remove name. For online link click on and for offline go for

Form 8:

Form 8 corrects Voter ID card which is already printed by Electoral roll and these will do by a person whose name is already included in Electoral Roll. To apply online follow  and for offline purpose click on

Form 8A:

Form 8A to change from one constituency to another.  If you want to apply through online follow link . Offline Voter ID application form link .

Form 13F:

Form 13F to appoint proxy classified service voter to give vote. Where Form 13G used to substitute proxy classified service voter to give vote to fill the form follow this link

Form 17:

Form 17 for addition of name in the electoral roll of a Local Authorities Constituency of the APLC.  Follow this link

Form 18:

Form 18 is for inclusion of name in the electoral roll of a Graduates Constituency of the APLC. Follow link

Form 19:

Form 19 is for inclusion of name in the electoral roll of a Teachers Constituency of the APLC. Go through this link

 Andhra Pradesh Voter ID card Fee

Anyone can apply Voter ID card for free. You need to visit State Election Commission website  and register here for Voter Id card by giving proper details. It is free for applying Voter ID for both online and offline process.

Required Documents for voter ID card In Andhra Pradesh (AP)

Identity proof

  • Pan Card
  • Ration Card
  • Health Card
  • Passport
  • Photo
  • Employee Identity Card
  • Aadhaar Card( Must Link Voter Id card to Aadhar Card)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage certificate.

Address proof Documents

  • Electricity Bill
  • Water Bill
  • Gas Connection
  • Passport
  • Ration Card
  • Bank Passbook
  • Adhaar Card
  • Home Registration Document


2 Recent passport Size photographs are required for applying Voter ID card. This will appear on Electro’s photo Identity Card

Process of Voter ID card Correction Offline in Andhra Pradesh

  • Fill Form 8
  • Visit Regional Electoral office submit Form 8 in counters.
  • Submit documents along with application
  • If you are newly married and want to change your surname submit marriage certificate to Electoral Officer
  • After submitting, verification process will start.

Process Of changes of Address for Voter card Online in Andhra Pradesh

  • By using login credentials you need to login to Chief Electoral Officer.
  • Click on Electoral Services in homepage
  • To display Form you need to select an option as ‘change of Address’
  • click on EPIC number, if you don’t have that number
  • click on ‘Don’t know EPIC’
  • track numbers of your district and constituency
  • You should enter both new and old address.
  • Click on submit button for review and verification process
  • you will get your card soon

Process of changes of Address for Voter Card Offline in Andhra Pradesh

  • Form 8A is designed for changing address
  • submit Form at Electoral Office
  • To change address you need some documents like utility bill, passport, and Aadhar card or ration card.
  • Submit Form at electoral Office.
  • Election Commission officer verifies Form. And send a new modified Voter ID card to you new address.

How to Know Your Application Status

  • click on webpage
  • Select Application ID/ House Number
  • You will find some forms like Form 6, Form 7, From 8, Form 8A
  • select form 6
  • Enter reference ID you will get while registration time
  • click on search button
  • The status of application will be displayed

Tracking Voter ID status via SMS

People can apply Voter ID card through many ways by visiting nearby Election Commission Office. In order to check status of Voter Id Card through SMS

Customer needs to find out Voter ID application number. Then you have to SMS by typing VOTEvoter ID number and send it 9246280027. You will get total information to your registered mobile

Calling on the Dedicated ECI Helpline Number

For any query you can call to ECI helpline and it’s a toll free number is 1950. The helpline is available on all working days between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm.