Voter ID Card

Voter ID card in India is identity document. Moreover, Election Commission of India issues this Voter card. Now you can check Voter ID card status online. In addition, it is easy for Voter ID card online registration. However, you go for Voter ID card search by name. Finally, it is best that you check Voter ID link with Aadhaar card.

What is Voter ID card?

Voter id card is identitiy proof and with this card you can elect leader. Voter ID card application process is also easy. But only people who can vote will get this Voter ID card. Another name for this is EPIC or Electors Photo Identity Card. You can use Voter card as identification proof also.

Other names for this card are election card, Voter ID and Voter card. This website is your Voter ID guide. Because we will explain step by step process about getting this card. However, you must remember to go to official website.

As only at official website you will get your card. Finally, only Government of India can issue this card.

What is use of Voter card?

Election card is very useful. You can check below some uses of Voter card.

  • Voter ID card is identity document
  • Card holder is registered Voter
  • Moreover, there are many identification features of card holder
  • These include applicant’s photo, address etc
  • People cannot vote many times

Voter ID card eligibility criteria

However, we must know the eligibility criteria to get a Voter ID card. Because every one cannot get this card. You can keep reading to know about it.

Who can apply for Voter ID card?

  • Applicant who are 18 or above 18 years old can apply for Election card
  • However, applicants who are financially bankrupt or are in specific category. These applicants cannot apply for Voter ID card.

Points to remember before you apply Voter ID card

Whenever, you apply for Voter ID card. You must follow rules. Because Indian Government made these rules. You can keep reading to know more about them –

  • Applicants must be 18 years old or more than 18 years old
  • Applicants must not be bankrupt
  • In addition, applicants must fill complete form
  • You must provide original documents only to authorities
  • Furthermore, you should not apply for Voter ID through agencies
  • Therefore, it is better that you apply for Voter ID card only through Government website
  • In addition, information in application form must be correct
  • You should not provide wrong information in application form of Voter ID
  • Moreover, it is better that you check spellings of name
  • Even checking other details before submission is necessary
  • Finally, when you receive original Voter ID, you have to check details
  • As you will know about information in the card

Documents required for a Voter ID card application

When you apply for your Voter ID. You must submit documents as well. Thus, you must be ready with following documents –

  • Proof of address
  • Identification proof and
  • Recent photograph

Steps to apply for Voter ID card

Now you can very easily apply for a Voter ID card. It is so because there are many ways to apply for Voter ID card. First is apply Voter ID card online. Whereas second is Voter ID application offline. Finally, there is semi online Voter ID application.

In further articles, you will know procedure to apply for this card

Steps to register for Voter ID at official website

It is easy to register for Voter ID. Additionally, you will be able to register yourself as voters. However, for this you must check Form 6 of Election Commission of India.

Apart from that you must fill Form 6. Because only after successful submission of Voter ID application form. You will get your card. Moreover, you must see that there is no mistake in form. As if there is mistake then it may be problem.

Therefore, you can read application form carefully. Especially before you submit your form. Also it is easy to register online or offline for Voter ID.

Application forms of Voter ID card

When you apply for Voter ID. You must fill forms. Moreover, these application forms depend on applicant. And whether it is for a new Voter ID. Or it is for duplicate card. Besides, there are application forms for Change of address.

Furthermore, you will find forms for even correction purposes. Therefore, Election Commission of India provides different forms. And all these forms depend on purpose of application.

How to track Voter ID application form status online

After you submit your application form. You can very easily check Voter ID card application form status. In addition, now every applicant can check form status online. Even steps to track your Voter application form is simple.

Besides, it is better that you read complete guide. Because this will tell you about how to track my Voter status.

Get duplicate Voter ID card

In case you miss your card. Then you do not worry. Because from now you can get duplicate card. But for this again you can follow steps. So that you get your ID card soon.

In addition, documents to get duplicate Voter card are same like before. On this website you can learn steps to get duplicate ID card. However, you must remember that you apply at official website only.

Change address or correct name or address in Voter ID

Furthermore, in simple way you can correct mistakes. When these mistakes are there in Voter card. Moreover, you may even change personal details.

Thus, for this you must get required documents. As they support the reason for change in card. And after that you can follow official process. Finally, you can make changes in Voter ID card online or offline.

Thus, you understood importance of Voter ID card. In addition, this helps you to get Voter ID card. However, readers remember that you apply for Voter ID only at official website. And this website gives you guidelines.

Hence, it will be easy for you to apply for Voter ID. Finally, it is better that you read all articles. Or related articles. And then get your Voter ID card. In next article you will know in detail of Voter ID. Because in next chapter you know documents required for Voter ID card.

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