Steps to download Voter ID card application forms


You can download Voter ID card application form 6 online easily. Because this article is guideline to Voter application form online download. However, you must remember to follow rules. In addition, this article is only guide. As you must go to official website to download form. Finally, you can keep reading to know more about this.

Know more on Voter ID card application form 6

You know that Voter ID card is important. But to get this Election card you should apply. Moreover, to apply for this card you must get form. Second, you should fill this form. And remember that you give complete details. It is so because only then you get your card.

In addition, this card is your identity card also. Thus, it is better that you get your Voter card soon. On other hand, you must know Voter ID card online registration process. As this will help you to fill your application form of election card. Advertisement:

Fill application form correctly

Most importantly, you must know to fill this form correctly. As information in application form prints on actual Voter card. Furthermore, documents attached must have correct information also. And now you will know how to apply for Voter card ID. Additionally, you have idea of downloading Voter card application form online.

Process to download Voter ID card application form online

It is now easy to download application form of Election card. Besides, this form helps you in online registration of Voter ID. On other hand, only after successful submission of application form. You can check Voter card application form status online offline.

Types of election Voter ID card application form

The Government of India gave responsibilities of this card to ECI. Here, ECI is short form for Election Commission of India. Moreover, ECI has different forms. And you must select forms according to reason.

Most importantly, you will get these forms only from official website. However, in this article, we gave links. These links take you to official website of ECI. Therefore, it is easy for you to download application form. Additionally, you have idea of which form to fill.

Because you can read description of form. Thus, it is easy for you to select only one form. You can now check below list of forms. However, do not forget to read description carefully. Moreover, these Voter forms are in two languages. And these languages are Hindi and English.

Apart from that you can select any one language. As it depends on your preferred language.

Download Voter ID card form from official website list with description

Voter ID card form number Voter ID card application form description
1 (English or Hindi) This application form is useful for individual with declared office and registering in electoral roll only.

Official website links are and

2 (English and Hindi) In addition, this form is for the Armed Forces employee enrolling as service elector.

Here, official links are and

2 – A (English and Hindi) Whereas this form is for the Armed Police Force member who is serving outside the state to enrol as a service elector.

And the official website links are and

3 (English or Hindi) Additionally, when a person is posted outside India by the Government of India. Moreover, when this person is on duty. But is willing to enrol as service elector. Then they can use this form.

Official ECI website links are and

6 (English or Hindi) This is the application for including name in the Electoral Rolls.

Moreover, ECI official website link is

6 – A (English or Hindi) Finally, there is another application. And this form will include name by overseas Indian elector in the Electoral Rolls.

Here, the official website link is

Apart from these forms, there are other application forms as well. And you can check below these forms.

List of downloadable forms of Voter ID card application online

Voter ID card form number Description of the Voter ID card application form
7 (English and Hindi) Voter ID form 7 is very useful. It is so because you can delete name from the documents. In addition, there is option of deleting either name or objecting adding of name in the Electoral Rolls.


Official website is

8 (English and Hindi) While you use form 8 to correct personal details. Additionally, these details are name or age etc. in the Electoral Rolls.


Here, ECI official website is

8 A (English or Hindi) Form 8 A of Voter card application is another application. In addition, with this application you can transport entry from one part to another part of Electoral Roll in constituency. Thus, it is very helpful also.


ECI official website link is

17 (English or Hindi) On other hand, this application adds name in Electoral Rolls. However, this is only for the local authority constituency.



Official website links for ECI website are and

18 (English and Hindi) Form 18 will add names for the graduate constituency of the State Legislative Council. Additionally, it is only for the Electoral Rolls.


Here, official website links are and

19 (English and Hindi) Finally, this is the last application form. You will use this form to add names for the teacher constituency. Furthermore, this constituency is for the State Legislative Council in Electoral Rolls only.


Whereas, the official website links are and


Thus, you know download Voter ID card application form pdf process. Next step will be to carefully fill the form. Because this will help you to apply for Voter ID card online offline.

Moreover, with Election Commission of India’s efforts. It is becoming easy for everyone to get application form. In addition, with this guide on application form 6 download pdf. You will know from where you can download forms. As we gave links to official website only.