How to update Voter ID card online and offline with Voter ID correction form online details


Voter ID correction online form is easy to get. However, you must use this only sometimes. Because you will use update Voter ID card option when required. In addition, you must follow steps. So that you can check Voter ID correction status also. But before that you must apply for Voter ID card online or offline.

In this article you will know one more thing. And it is that how you correct mistakes in Voter ID card. However, for correction of Voter card. You must go to official website only. Because this article is only guide.

Furthermore, this guide helps you to correct your Voter ID online. Finally, remember that you check Voter ID correction details online. Moreover, you must check only at official website. Advertisement:

Besides, Election Commission of India takes responsibility to issue these cards. Sometimes you may like to update Voter ID card. Reason for this can be spelling mistake. Or even address change in Voter card. Moreover, to help people there is option of online Voter ID correction option.

To help you about steps at that site. You can read following steps. However, you must carefully read these steps. Because they help you later.

Ways to correct Voter ID card online

Because of Voter ID update form things are simple. As you know how to change Voter ID card address online. Moreover, this article helps you with different ways to correct Voter ID card. Plus many people have similar questions.

To help you further, you can check below questions. As we have answers for all these questions here –

  • How to change address in Voter ID card online or offline
  • Steps to correct or change date of birth in Voter ID card online and offline
  • Process to change or correct name in Voter ID card online offline
  • How to correct or change state in Voter ID card online and offline
  • Procedure to correct or change father’s name in Voter ID card online offline

Additionally, to help people there is option for online and offline correction. However, for change or correction of Electoral card details. You must follow procedure. Besides, attach correct documents. You must do this before you send Voter ID correction application to authorities.

Select Form 8 for correction or change of name in Voter ID card

As we told you it is easy to get your Voter card corrected. But you must get correct form. Therefore, you must fill Form 8. You should also fill this form carefully. And submit it along with documents required for Voter ID card. Apart from that see to it that details in all documents is correct.

Procedure for offline Voter ID card correction or change information in Voter ID card

Sometimes you may find mistakes in your Voter ID card. In such cases you can get information corrected on Election card. And for this below steps will help you. Also you can download this form and correct details –

  • First you must go to official website
  • And to go there you can click on
  • On this page, click on ‘Correction of entries in the Electoral roll
  • You will go to another page
  • This page is Form 8 of Voter ID application forms
  • Furthermore, you must enter personal details on this page
  • Besides, you should double check before you click on submit (only for online process of Voter ID correction)

It is so because you are giving for correction of Voter details. Besides this you must give Voter ID card details. While other details are State name. You should also give either Parliament or Assembly Constituency name.

Other personal details such as name, parents name, family details etc. You should give complete residential address also. In addition, you must provide Voter ID card details. This will be your first Election card.

Finally, you must attach correct documents. These valid documents are address proof, proof of identity and recent photograph.

Steps for Voter ID details correction

After above stated process. You should select details for correction or change. Also, you must provide correct details. Later verify these details. You must also mention which details correction is required.

Additionally, when above process is over. You can click on submit. But you must check information provided. So that there is no mistake in next document. On other hand, ECI or Election Commission of India is responsible. Because it verifies complete information of individual or applicants.

How to correct name or change name in Voter ID card

There is also one more process through which you can correct your name or address. Or even other details. Process for online correction of Voter ID is also as above. However, there is one difference. And this difference is that you download form.

It means that for offline process you download Form 8 Voter ID correction form. Then you will fill necessary details. Next you attach documents and send it to official authorities.

But on other hand, you fill all details online for online application form. After filling details, you must submit form online. Moreover, you should attach required documents. And this includes recent photograph. Finally, you will be able to correct information.

Things to know

  • After you submit online or offline correction form
  • You receive reference number
  • Furthermore, you must carefully keep this number
  • Because with this number, you can track status of Voter ID card online
  • In addition, it is easy to track Voter ID correction application form
  • However, you must attach correct documents only
  • Finally, you must wait for verification process
  • As you receive new Voter ID card only after successful verification of documents

Thus you know about offline Voter ID correction form online details. Moreover, you know how to update voter ID card online offline.