Check Voter ID card application status online, track Voter ID correction status online


Checking Voter ID card status is easy. In this article, you know how to track Voter ID application form. Moreover, you will know Voter ID search by number. Even finding out Voter ID status by name is easy. You can continue reading to know about it.

However, before you go ahead you must know importance of tracking Voter ID. Because it helps you in tracking Election card status. Here, you learn different ways to check Voter status online. But you must first apply for Voter card online or offline. As only after that you can check status of application form. Additionally, applying for duplicate Voter ID card is easy.

First method: How to track Voter ID status online

  • When you wish to track Voter ID status
  • You must go to official website
  • To go there, click on following link
  • Moreover, this page is to check your Voter ID status online
  • On this page there is a box
  • You should enter your application reference ID
  • After that click on ‘Track Status’ tab
  • Thus you will see current Voter ID status on screen

Second method: Process to check Voter ID card application form status via ECI helpline

Now you can track Voter ID application form status through ECI helpline number. As you already know ECI is Election Commission of India. In addition, it is responsible for issuing Election cards. Therefore, you can check status of Voter application easily. Advertisement:

But you must remember to follow instructions. Because they guide you to know status of application form of Voter ID.

Now you can call ‘1950’. This is helpline number of Election Commission of India. Hence it tracks your Voter ID. On other hand, you may even check customer care. Because all states will have customer care number. Therefore, by calling that number, you know Voter card status.

Finally, you must remember that you dial only official number. Moreover, 1950 is Government’s ECI phone number.

Third method: Steps to track status of Voter ID card through SMS

There is another method using which you track Voter application form. In addition, it is through SMS. All you do is send an SMS to official authorities. It is so because you get correct information.

Apart from that you must remember the rules. Because for SMS Voter ID status check. You must type the message in given format. Below you can find some states which have this facility. Moreover, we gave complete message format. Also you can find phone number. As you must send the message. Thus, it is easy to track your Voter ID.

SMS facility to track Voter ID card

Below you can see complete SMS table. Here you will see first is state name. Whereas next is message. However, remember that you type exact message. Because only then you receive message of Voter status.

  • For Uttar Pradesh state, you must type UPEPIC <space> Voter ID card number. And you must send this message to 9212357123
  • Next for Chandigarh, you should type, BTH <space> Voter ID card number. In addition, you must send this message to 9216164606
  • But for Kerala, you must type, ELE<space> Voter ID card number. Then you can send this message to either 54242 or 537252
  • On other hand, for Andhra Pradesh, type SMS Voter status message as VOTE <space> Voter ID card number. Additionally, you must send this message to 9246280027
  • While for Bihar, you must send message to 56677. Furthermore, Voter status check message format is ELE< space > Voter ID card number

Listed below you can find some more states. We gave complete information about SMS facility for Voter card status check here –

  • However, for the state of Karnataka, you must follow below format. Here, you must type message as KAEPIC <space> Voter ID card number. In addition, you have to send this message to 9243355223
  • For Odisha, type message as CEOODI <space> Voter ID card number. In addition, you must send this number to 9238300131
  • However, for Tamil Nadu, type as follows EPIC <space> Voter ID card number. Besides, you must send this message to 9444123456
  • Finally, for the state of West Bengal, Voter status message must be as follows WBEC <space> Voter ID card number. Also you must send this message to 51969

Fourth method: How to check Voter ID correction status online

Now you can also check correction status of Voter ID card. But for this you must go to official website. However, here, we gave a guide to check status of Voter ID correction.

You use online or offline Form 8 to correction mistakes in Voter card. Therefore, you also can check status of Form 8. Below you can read steps for it –

  • You must first go to official website
  • And this website is National Voters Services Portal
  • Moreover, to go there you can click on
  • After this enter reference number
  • This number you get when you submit Voter application form
  • In addition, you should enter correct number
  • Furthermore, you will get to know current status
  • Therefore, you know what is Voter ID correction status then

Points to remember

However, you must know that process for correcting Voter ID details will take time. Thus, you must wait for about two or three weeks. Because by then you will know Voter application status.

In addition, you must submit correct documents only. To have information on documents for correcting Voter ID card. You can read the article. Therefore, you know how to check Voter ID card application status online. Moreover, even checking Voter ID correction status is easy.

Furthermore, always remember that you go to official website only. Because it is only then you get correct update on Voter ID status. Therefore, only by following official rules. You can know status of Voter ID card in India.