How to apply duplicate Voter ID card offline online and steps to follow when lost Voter card


Apply duplicate Voter ID card is easy. If Voter ID card lost what to do is your situation. Then you can follow these guidelines. Because we gave you complete details. Therefore, it is easy to get duplicate Voter ID. However, you must only apply Voter ID duplicate at official website.

On other hand, here you will check steps to get another Voter ID card. But application process is only at Election Commission of India’s website. Thus, before you get duplicate Election card. You should know documents required for Voter ID card.

Who can apply for duplicate Voter ID card?

Applying for Voter ID card is possible. But it is only when your original ID card is lost or stolen. Or even if it is unusable. Advertisement:

And in such cases, you must submit application form. In addition, you should attach necessary documents. Hence, it is easy to get another election card. You can now continue reading to know more about this process.

Form to get duplicate Voter ID card

As you know that you can apply for Voter ID card. But if you lost Voter ID card. Then you must apply for duplicate Voter ID card. However, for applying for this Voter ID card. You must follow rules. Moreover, these rules are according to Election Commission of India.

Therefore, Form EPIC 002 is useful here. Because with this form you can get duplicate Voter ID card. Additionally, you must attach required documents. As these documents will identify the person. And they help people to get election card soon.

Also, you must attach documents required for Voter ID card. Generally these documents include proof of address. In addition, other documents are proof of identity and recent photographs. You must attach passport size photographs only.

Steps to get duplicate Voter ID card offline mode

  • First you must go to Electoral office
  • Next get Form EPIC 002 form
  • Because this form is for issuance of duplicate Voter ID card
  • Furthermore, you should carefully fill this form
  • You must enter your personal details
  • After this you should attach supporting documents
  • Remember that you attach these documents correctly so that there is no mistake
  • After that you can submit the form to the authorities

In addition, you will receive reference number. You will only get reference number only after successful submission of documents. Besides this number is helpful. Because you can track your Voter ID card. On other hand, you must wait for having your Voter ID issued.

As Election Commission of India will verify application form. Moreover, only after successful verification, you will get your Voter ID card. However, you will know if you get your Voter ID card. Finally, after having issued Voter ID card. You can go and collect new duplicate Voter ID card from Electoral office.

How to get duplicate Voter ID card online process

Election Commission of India also allows you to have another option. Because now you can get duplicate Voter card online. However, for this you must follow some steps. In addition, these steps are simple.

Therefore, it will not be problem for you. However, you must follow the steps given below. This online process will make things easier. Thus, it becomes simple for both applicant and authorities.

Steps to get duplicate Voter ID card online

  • First you should get correct form
  • And this is Form EPIC 002
  • Because this form is to get duplicate Voter ID card
  • You can get this form from official website
  • Moreover, you must download this form
  • After downloading this form
  • You must fill this form carefully
  • And do not forget to recheck this form
  • So that there are no mistakes in this form
  • After that you must attach required documents for Voter ID card, (such as identity proof, FIR copy and proof of address)

Once all these documents are attached you can submit them. Additionally, you must submit these documents to Electoral officer. However, you may even submit them at Electoral office.

Apart from that you receive reference number. Furthermore, you get this number only after successful submission of duplicate Voter card application form. Plus you must keep this number carefully. Because this number is very important.

As you can track Voter ID card application form status online. Moreover, this status track helps you to know about status of duplicate application form. Therefore, you will also have idea of procedure. In addition, you receive duplicate Voter ID card.

However, for that your application must clear verification process. Thus, you now understood complete process of getting duplicate Voter card. On other hand, you must see that you apply for this form only at official website.

Therefore, to go to official website. You can click on following link Because here only you will get your duplicate Voter ID. But if you have doubts on how to fill Voter application form. Then you can read these article.

As we listed all topics very clearly. Thus it will help you to get your documents soon. Finally, you must only check some very important things. And these are completely filled form. The next one is that you fill correct details in the application form.

Third is that you attach correct documents. As these documents are proof of residence. Apart from this, recent or the latest photographs and poof of identity are there.

Plus all these documents must be clear. So that authorities can verify details very easily. Hence, you know how to apply duplicate Voter ID card online offline.